Away to Kenilworth Wdns Colts 24/04/09: Khalsa win 10-2 :)

The last Game of what proved to be a very good season for the boys.

We started where we left off from our last game.

The passing and movement was a joy to watch at times and the flowing football had Kenilworth pinned in their own half for the majority of the game.

A great team performance; only a couple of minor slips gave Kenilworth 2 goals.

We dominated throughout and could / should’ve made all our chances count….though I’ll settle for 10 goals J !!!!!

It was another great performance from Bali who has really grown in stature over the last few games. He’s commanding his area really well now and gives all of the team a real confidence. This was topped by a magnificent goal he scored from his Goal kick!!!!!!!!................A well deserved Man of the Match. 

There was an exiting twist to the top goalscorer position. Two Goals from Lewis put him level with Kurran; who has been well ahead of everyone all season……Kurran then showed why he’s been at the top spot for so long by scoring another 3…….Well done Kurran. J 

Goal scorers: Kurran(3), Lewis(2), Tom, Manraj, Bali, Munrece, Toby.

Away to Snitterfield Juniors 19/04/09: Khalsa win 7-2 :)

Khalsa Juniors came very close to "Total Football" today!!!

In the glorious sunshine all of the boys played football beyond their years at times. Great passing and moving; great team and individual goals.....and even some meaty tackles were going in. :)

We kept the play in the oppositions half for the majority of the game; only a short lapse of consentration gave them their 2 goals......but this was in the second half and we played without substitutes.

It was a pleasure to watch.....thanks Boys. :)

Another great performance from Lewis got him the Man of the Match with 4 goals to his name.

One match to go boys........

Goal Scorers: Lewis(4), Manraj(2), Munreece

Home to Khalsa Colts 05/04/09: Juniors win 9-0 :)

The 10 man team did really well today; keeping a clean sheet in the process. The lack of players did take it's toll in the second half as there were one or two tired legs out there. Even tho the boys kept going and stopped any threat before it had started. :) It was a pleasure to watch at times with some great team moves and individual strikes. We could've gone into double figures with a little more composure and striking the ball a little harder.........It was a great performance but lets make sure we take all our chances when we get them. :)

A well taken headed goal from Lewis helped put his goal tally to 4 and give him Man of the Match.....well done Lewis. :)

Goal scorers: Amritpal, Manraj(3), Lewis(4), Munreece.


Away St Peters Celtic Colts 29/03/09: Khalsa win 7-1 :)

Another slow and clumsy start to the game. Once the nerves had settled after half time we started to play much better.

Some of the link-up play down the wings was great to watch at times and when center midfield took control and played the simple balls we really looked like a great team.


We had a couple of headed goals today; which were great to see.....more headers please boys. :)

A well taken half volley from distance helped Harmeet take Man of the Match, well done. :)

Goal scorers: Kurran, Lewis(2), Harmeet(2), Munreece, Own Goal.

Away Kenilworth Town 22/03/09: Khalsa win 4-1 :)

It was a slow start on an unforgiving pitch with a strong wind against us.

A rare, but stunning lobbed goal from Aron was all that separated the two teams at half time.

With the wind with us for the second half the boys started to play some attractive football.

It was two great pin-point passes from Harry, (that put Kurran through for two of his three goals) that helped get him the man of the match award.

It was good to see the boys shooting more.....lets see if we can get them to stop jumping up and turning their backs. :)

Goal scorers: Aron, Kurran(3)

Home St Peters Celtic Colts 15/03/09: Khalsa win 7-1 :)

The boys fell into the trap of taking the opposition too lightly today and suffered a poor 1st half performance.

St Peters played much better than their league position would suggest and took the lead early on.

The boys were asked to give a better 2nd half performance and thankfully they stepped up to the challenge.

We played some clever football at times; Munreece in particular played some very sensible balls under pressure.

Man of the match went to Kurran for scoring 4 of the 7 goals.

A good lesson was learned today...............

Goal scorers: Kurran(4), Manraj, Lewis(2).

Away Bilton Ajax 08/03/09: Khalsa win 4-2 :)

Last week we asked for more from the boys. This week after going down 1-0 in the first 30 seconds and in the driving sleet, the boys did give us more.

Some played out of their usual position; but performed well and played as a team.

Bali did a great job of keeping his concentration as he hardly had anything to do for most of the game.

Once again Aron gave a solid performance which won him Man of the Match.

Goal scorers: Amritpal (2), Manraj, Lewis.

Great all round performance boys :)

Home Leamington Juniors 01/03/09: Khalsa loose 3-0 :(

The best team won today. We were outplayed in most of the positions on the pitch.

Leamington simply wanted it more today....When I turned up at 1 oclock there was already 2 cars from Leamington waiting to get half past they had the full squad and were set up training.

We just about had everyone turn up at quarter to.

3 good performances from Aron; Tom and Chai gave us something to come away pleased with.

More needed next game boys.

Away Leamington Juniors 22/02/09: Khalsa win 3-2 :)

Very pleased with ALL of the boys today. We had no substitutes and everyone gave 100%. There were heavy legs in the last 10 mins but still everyone gave it there all. Some players were asked to play out of position and responded in a very positive way and stuck to their tasks very well. We had a couple of fortunate goals, but if we dont put ourselves in the right positions to have a bit of luck we will never get any luck!

A great 1st half performance from Chai just pipped Sanj to the Man of the Match today....Well played boys.

Goal scorers: Kurran, Cory, Own Goal.

Home St Peters Celtic Colts 08/02/09: Called off...snow

To be re-scheduled.

Home Snitterfield Colts 01/02/09: 2-2 :/

We didn't really get into this game so a fair result in the end. Not for the first time this season Tom kept us in the game with his goal line clearances which won him the Man of the Match Award.

Goal scorers: Munreece, Chai

Home CENTRAL AJAX COLTS 18/01/09: Khalsa win 5-3 :)

The team spirit from our last game was on show again today. We had a shakey start to the game, this was probably due to us not playing for a while. After we went behind to an own goal we could have easily lost heart.....instead the boys showed great character and kept playing.

It was another exciting encounter with Ajax......unfortunately the game was spoilt towards the end of the game where Ajax started to loose their heads and resorted to fouling. This unsporting attitude spread into the Ajax supporters who cheered when one of our players was injured.

A deserved win against a sore loosing Ajax side. Well done boys.

Goal scorers: Kurran, Cory, Lewis(3)

Away NORTON LINDSEY League Cup 2nd Round: Norton Lindsey win 20-1 :(

A new team spirit was born today……..the seven boys that turned up for today’s important cup game against Norton Lindsey not only did me proud but the name of Khalsa football club as a whole.

Their attitude throughout the game was superb.

Before the game started we knew we would get beaten soundly….with only seven turning up there was only ever going to be one result……

The boy’s kept on going despite the constant attacks from a good Norton Lindsey team. Not only did they stick to their positions but played some very sensible balls at times that a team of 16 year olds would have been proud of. 

It is testament to the seven boys that we had 3 chances at goal, only scrambled clearances kept them out.

A last minute penalty tucked away by Kurran stopped Norton Lindsey keeping a clean sheet and gave the boys a just deserved chance to celebrate. 

It was very pleasing for me to have the coaches and parents of the opposition congratulating us on our attitude and performance. 

The Ref even said it had restored his faith in the game to see how only seven boys could be so professional against such overwhelming opposition.

VERY WELL DONE BOYS……the 9 players who didn’t make it owe you a great deal of thanks and gratitude.

Goal Scorer: Kurran

CENTRAL AJAX COLTS 14/12/08: Khalsa win 2-1 :)

WHAT A GAME!!!!! I'm sure that everyone watching the game would've gladly paid to watch this great game between 2 good teams.

It was a game where I asked a few of the players to build new partnerships on the feild.....each one of them not only rose to the challanged but went on to play the best football we have ever played on what was a very boggy pitch.

After us having control over long sections of the game Ajax equalised with only 8 mins left. All of the boys carried on with the game plan and kept their heads up.

Their determination and skill payed off with just over a minute to go when Kurran put a great ball in which was neatly tucked away by Lewis.

Keep it up made us all very proud today :)

Goal Scorers: Kurran, Lewis.

WELLESBOURNE WDRS 07/12/08: Khalsa win 7-0 :)

A good response from all the boys after last weeks result. They all kept to their positions and showed good attacking and defending skills. A very good result that was well deserved.

Goal Scorers: Cory(2), Harmeet(2), Manraj, Kurran, Munreece

SNITTERFIELD COLTS 30/11/08: Khalsa loose 4-0 :(

We gave a fairly good account of ourselves for the first half. It was always going to be a tight game and the first half proved to be this; with both teams having limited chances on the attack. The second half prooved to be the worst team performance so far. When we did loose that first goal we needed to dig in and play the kind of football we have been doing, but this didn't happen.

The one plus point we can take from this game was another great performance from Aaron. He has been solid for us every week and for this reason I am pleased to announce that Aaron is named as Captain for the rest of the season.

Well done Aaron.

KENILWORTH TOWN 23/11/08: Khalsa win 13-1 :)

Another good performance all round. It got a bit scrappy during periods of the game, these are the times we must remember to do the simple things and keep our shape. We still need to keep our heads up and make the right pass at the right time.......lets not forget what we do best......well done.

Goal Scorers: Tom(3), Cory(2), Manraj(2), Amritpal, Harmeet, Munreece, Toby, Chai and One Own Goal.

KHALSA COLTS 16/11/08: Juniors win 9-0 :)

This proved to be the "local derby" we thought it would be! Lots of mayhem and diving in and looking like a pinball machine at times! We settled down in the second half and there was some good football on show, concluding with some great goals. Lots of effort all round...well done.

Goal Scorers: Amritpal(2), Cory(2), Kurran(2), Chai, Munreece, Tom


The November birthdays have now been updated.......sorry for the delay.

KENILWORTH WARDENS 09/11/08: Khalsa win 9-2 :)

A solid performance from everyone. I was very pleased with the 1st half in particular, we changed our formation to stop them scoring too many with the aid of the very windy conditions. We did this very well and used the wind in our favour for the 2nd half.

Some great 2-3 touch football was on show which was a joy to watch....well done.

Goal Scorers: Cory(3), Kurran(3), Amritpal, Lewis, Manraj

Bilton Ajax (Home) 19/10/08: 3-3 Draw

We need to remember what we do well and continue to do it. A very under-par performance all round. The boys did show that they are more than capable of coming back from behind, this was a good positive to take away from the game.

Goal Scorers: Kurran(2), Manraj

Central Ajax (Away) Cup game 05/10/08: Khalsa win 5-2

Team played attractive attacking football with contributions from all players.  The goalkeeper and defence kept the Central Ajax forwards quiet with the midfield and forwards capitalising on there hardwork.  Improvements : Team gave away possession too easily on ocassions, we need to learn to hold the ball and pick the correct pass.

Goal Scorers: Corey(2), Lewis(2), Kurran

Snitterfield Juniors (Home) 28/09/08: Khalsa win 7-1

Another great performance all round. The main thing to take from todays game is....don't drop our heads if we make a mistake....get your head up and get back in there!!!

Same again for the cup game next week boys...........WELL DONE EVERYONE. :)

Goal Scorers: Amritpal, Karam(2), Kurran, Lewis, Harmeet, Munreece.

Kenilworth Wardens Colts (Home) 21/09/08: Khalsa win 6-1

A good performance from all of the boys today. Very pleased with everyone playing in different positions. Very different to last week; Kenilworth came to give us a game and for the first 15 mins it was a very open game. The boys dug deep and managed to get in their stride.

Still lots of learning to go......but a great effort again this week boys......keep it up!!

Goal Scorers: Aaron, Cory, Kurran, Amritpal, Lewis and one Own Goal.

Wellesbourne (Away) 14/09/08: Khalsa win 0 - 12

Great start to the season! Everyone played their part and worked as a team. Even when we were 5 - 0 up we still kept our shape and stayed in our positions. Some great skill on show today boys....keep it up.

I'd like to give a special thanks to our defence (including keeper); even tho you didn't have much to do you kept your concentration and positioning very well.

Goal Scorers: Amritpal, Kurran(2), Tom, Manraj(2), Karam, Cory, Lewis, Munreece(3)

WOODFORD FRIENDLY 23/08/08: Khalsa win 4-3 :)

Great effort from all of the boys. This was a good start with lots of promise on show.

Still lots to learn but lots of positives were taken from the game.

Goal Scorers: Kurran, Manraj and Lewis(2)


Good effort all round again. With a little more concentration we should win these games.

Goal Scorers: Cory, Lewis.

KHALSA COLTS FRIENDLY 06/09/08: We win 16-1 :)

Still lots to learn; great result in the end. Remember...the simple things work the best.

ST PETERS CELTIC COLTS 07/09/08: Khalsa win 14-0 :)

All the boys showed that by working as a team and keeping in their positions they can play some very good football........Well done.

Goal Scorers: Munreece(2), Karam(4), Chai, Toby, Bali, Harmeet(2), Manraj, Lewis(2)